Palo Alto® Audio Design Cubik Digital Hi-Fi Multimedia Speakers

  • Model: SA410APW
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  • In a Nutshell

    • Front Row Sound Satisfaction
    • Stunning Sound Clarity
    • Cube-shaped speakers add visual interest to your decor
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Audiophile Sound

Front Row Sound Satisfaction

What do a set of Cubik and front row concert tickets have in common? Stunning sound clarity and precision the way the musician intended. Paired with your computer, Cubik’s hi-fi audio will bring music, movies and family videos to life. Its incredibly flat frequency response and superb acoustic tuning will delight your ears and move your soul.

Stunning Sound Clarity

Cubik's sound clarity is driven it's premium speaker driver. Acoustically tuned by an engineering team with over 35 years of audio experience, Cubik's drivers frequency response is on par with hi-fi sound systems.

True Beauty Comes From Within

The Stellar sound of cubik resonates from its amazing digital amplification technology. Equipped with a high-resolution digital signal processor (DSP) and full-digital audio path, cubik is designed to eliminate all unwanted noise. Pair this with a digital amplifier as well as outstanding Danish-designed speaker drivers and the result is crystal-clear unadulterated sound.

Unforgettable Design

Thinking Outside The Black Box

Cubik’s modern and distinct design has caught the eyes of national news syndications and broadcast outlets. It's unforgettable contours stand out on any desk and are a match made in heaven for its full-digital hi-fi sound. Internationally-renowned and award-winning Young-se Kim crafted the contemporary design of Cubik. In creating this modern and sleek appeal of Cubik, Kim took a minimalist’s perspective. “When first visualizing Cubik, I was determined to think outside the black box you of most audio speaker designs. I wanted to turn that concept on its side and create something new.” With a smirk Kim pauses, then continues, “Ironically, I ended up creating a black box, that was literally turned on its side. But it is this subtle twist on the classic cube shape that gives users a fresh perspective on audio design.” The classic cube-shape that Kim talks about here and its clever angling were pointed out in USA TODAY, which said, “the stylish tilt of the cube-shaped speakers will add visual interest to your decor.

Young-se Kim

Kim’s story begins at the ripe age of 16 when he decided to be a designer. After studying industrial design in Seoul and Chicago, Kim set up Innnodesign in Palo Alto, California in 1986 and has expanded offices to Seoul, Beijing and Tokyo. He has designed Samsung smart phones, LG fridges and iRiver MP3 players. For Kim, design can make people dream of the future and change their lives. Kim believes most deeply that ‘design is loving others.'  


Tech Specs

  • DescriptionUSB full-digital 2.0 active Speaker
  • AudioInputs : Mini USB 2.0 for streaming
  • Speaker unit2.5 inch Peerless premium full-range driver Neodymium magnet, Magnetically shielded Full-digital Amplifier Digital Signal Processing
  • Power Supply100V-240V AC 50/60Hz on external power supply
  • Voltage9V DC on speaker
  • Dimension6.5(H) x 2.88(W) x 3.32(D)
  • WeightLeft : 1 lb Right : 1.05 lb

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  • Awesome speakers for the price

  • cute!

  • the sound is ok if you just want to listen to the music or watch movie. Not for professional usage.

  • BEST MINI SPEAKERS! I always wanted a well designed small speaker to match my iMac. Now here it is! Exactly what I want! Very nice sound quality, I applied the coupon which saved me a bit :) . $200 selling price, well, I'd be more happy if its $100-150.

  • I think it is ok. Not too much surprise. Anyway, don't expect to buy a professional one at such a price.

  • The deliver is fast as I expected. When I open the box, I found it is really the same as I saw on the wbsite. Hope they can give me a perfect experience as well.

  • I love this cute speaker. The front row sound is perfect whenever I want to enjoy the movie or music. But they only have black color, I would rather choose silver is possible.

  • I love the design! When I put them in my roome, it seems like a perfect match. I love the sound as well, it is clear and beautiful.

  • well. Not bad.